Why do I need a SEO strategy?

Over the years of running as an SEO agency we have learnt that working month to month is unproductive and can lead to confusion between our company and client relationship.
We have found that our clients would rather have a clear understanding of what is being done rather than spending money each month and not knowing where their money has gone.

This is why our reporting strategy is so important because every month you will get a full work report with a breakdown of what work has been done and this can include things like.

  • How many hours we have spent on your site
  • What content we have wrote for your business.
  • Where we have placed your content externally
  • What position you are in the Google rankings.

What is an SEO strategy?

An SEO Strategy is the discovery period of your website and business and outlines the direction that your company needs to take. Every business and website is different and requires a unique approach not only for their general SEO work, but also for their building their backlinks.

During the strategy process we will be drilling down into the structure of your business and what resources you have that we can help you benefit from. Usually there are missed opportunities with company’s resources that they already have but they just didn’t know they had them and this can be massively helpful in our link building process.

An example of how your resources can be beneficial is by firstly looking at what companies you currently do business with. Let’s say you have five companies that you work closely with.

  1. Do these companies have a blog?
  2. Do these companies get traffic to there site?
  3. Can these companies publish something about your business that Google will reward?

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