How to judge if a website is worth placing a link

Imagine you are looking to purchase a product and you are trusting the site you are purchasing on and everything on the pages signal distrust. The website is very small with hardly no products and the content doesnt read well and none of the information describes what you are buying. Would you give this website your credit card details?

The same things you look at for trust is similar to how Google looks at websites. Google values age, size, popularity, and relevancy which is the same things you would look at when trusting a business with your purchase.

Link building services don’t just include acquiring new links, they’re also about constantly checking if you have acquired any unwanted sites linking back to yours. Sometimes without realising it you may be attracting harmful links from another company who may be talking about your services or products and the site that is placing a link on may be regarded as spammy or scoring low points of not any with Google

What type of links should I acquire

The ideal backlink profile is one domain = one link which means that you have a variety of site creating unique popularity back to your site. There is many myths on what works and doesnt work with link building and the only way to really measure the quality of a link is by how far it moves your forward in the rankings.This is why many credible SEO agencies keep a catalog of link resource sites in order to ensure they always have a good source of backlinks for their clients.

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