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Lead Generation Tips for local businesses 

Oxfordshire’s business community has been one of the most ‘sharing’ communities in the United Kingdom. This means that being part of a business group in the county will open different doors for you to explore. It will expose you to relevant events, specific support groups and grant you access to new resources.

With some brands having a significant influence over your newly built business, it doesn’t mean you are out of the game. Keep in mind that in the digital economy, small business does not equate to small client reach.

Here are some tips you may want to consider to help you generate positive leads.

1.    Explore the World of Local SEO

Start with establishing your online presence. Having a physical space will help you gain public attention in the county, but if you target to cover Great Britain, explore the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You have vast options of tools to choose from if you plan to adapt Local SEO. For sure, you’ve heard of Google Places and Google keyword tool search, yet you don’t know your way to integrate it into your business.

Google Places helps your business get listed and searchable online; google keyword tool search gives you an idea of what common phrases people in Oxford use to find your products or services online.

You may claim local business listings on oxford business directories, smart business directory, and other local directories.

You can maximize local, influential bloggers in the county and build partnerships with them. One essential tool to use is to guest blog on websites of the same industry you fit.

For ease of transaction and result-oriented SEO company in Oxford, you may reach out to us. Oxford Growth Marketing will be glad to help you out in your quest to solidify your online presence and website’s reach.

2.     Publish Blogs, powerful ones!

We have shared with you before that content is king! Nothing entices more audiences than content that are solid and rich with information. Small marketers like you often use keywords you search online that perfectly fit your small business and use it as your blog’s title.

A blog can feature articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, or a mixture of these. Blogs tend to generate traffic, especially if the content published provides the answer or solution to the consumer’s questions.

You may opt to write articles about the latest trends or happenings in Oxford to ensure you are in tune with the current events. Or publish videos, videos, podcasts, infographics, E-books, or any combination.

3.    Social Media, because everyone loves social

As a county that houses around 678,000 people, it is impossible that you are the only one yet to have a social media account. Running a business entails more than just creating a logo, a physical store, or a website. Building a business means being involved in social media.

You must know by now that the shire is part of an industry that has a high concentration of technology-based businesses that are frontrunners for global innovations. With this said, you can stumble upon SEO agencies in Oxford that offer social media management or digital marketing through social media.

Our dynamic team can help you improve your social media presence because it is never too late to be part of a movement that is now taking place in the world of the digital economy.

Your social media sites can be a leading platform for you to capture information, drive organic website traffic, and gain valuable leads.

4.    Run events! Build your network.

Host webinars, initiate gatherings within the community or run weekend events. We all love to mingle with our fellow locals or socialize.

Though the pandemic halted some of the most exciting get-togethers in the past months, this shouldn’t stop you from creating information-based webinars. People are glued to their cell phones or laptops all day long because of the current situation.

Introduce your local business through this type of event, while not all are allowed to join in-person seminars. In your webinar, you may bring up interesting topics that may concern your target and existing markets. Remember that your potential clients may be out there waiting for invites like this, so start planning now!

5.   Open the idea of offering premium content.

There are agencies that offer premium content that is downloadable on their websites. These are infographics, E-books, E-mail templates, and other reading materials essential for potential customers’ needs.

Select content that you can turn into a snackable size and advertise it to your site’s visitors by engaging them to enter their E-mail addresses to download or have access to this information-based material for free. Isn’t it amazing to grow your E-mail list by providing significant publication materials in return to your clients?

Through this, you are opening new ways to market by sending E-mails to them. Once you have the E-mail addresses of those who download or subscribe to your premium content, it’ll be easier for you to build your E-mail list. You can send in tailored information based on what they have previously availed on your website as a follow-up message.

Ready to generate more leads for your small business?

If you think the above-mentioned strategies will take up much of your time, contact Oxford Growth Marketing now.

Our team of local experts assures you will never have to spend resources and time to attain your digital marketing goals. We are ready to work with you and your team for your lead generation campaign for your small business.

We offer more than just lead generation; Our Oxford SEO team will support you with link building strategies to boost your website’s traffic.

Why do our Local SEO services work? Simple. Oxford Growth Marketing designs a custom plan tailored to your business’ needs and is more realistic in converting qualified leads.

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