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In 2020, the United Kingdom’s (UK) Office for National Statistics (ONS) released a study showing that 46.6 million people used the internet daily in Great Britain compared to 2016, with approximately 41.8 million users.

If we interpret the data, we can assume that the health crisis that we continue to face directly contributed to the increase in statistics. People stay at home with their mobile phones and laptops as their primary source of entertainment and news to the world outside their comfort zones.

With the variety of methods of accessing the internet, it is easier for most of us to share posts. We can instantly build connections in the digital world for everyone. This wide range of accessibility not only carries advantages but disadvantages too. Why? The more people use social media platforms for their local businesses, a new breed of competitors sprung every second.

If Oxford’s population has a consistent population growth rate of +0.89%/year, by 2021, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, will be home to almost 715 763 people. That’s quite a lot of competition if each of these people run a local business.

So how will you be able to top this challenge if you are a small marketer in your county? How can you drive qualified traffic to your business if you run a website?

Here are some ways local businesses can boost website traffic in 2021:

1. Strengthen the foundation – Get Listed!

Spread the word online. If you want half of the population in Oxford to know that you brew the best coffee in the county, have your shop listed to business directories that you can stumble upon from day one. Like Google My Business (GMB), Bing Places, Oxford Community business directories and other local directories.

You have to understand that once you list your business on these platforms, you will have the chance to appear on search results each time the locals use location-specific queries like “coffee shop near me.”

Business directories help you stay relevant. It strengthens your online presence that could increase visitors which you can turn into qualified leads in the future. Second, guides can help you optimise your website through the traffics it gets.

2. Be a Consistent SEO Content Publisher

You might read this point in one of our blogs, but this never gets old. Content creation or publication is a method that generates website traffic in every online business, believe it or not.

We mean solid, relevant, and news-worthy content always tops the list of most searched items in different search engines. We are sure that you are fully aware of the phrase, content is King, but let us tweak that a little, consistent quality content is King!

The everyday scene in the county is exciting and vibrant that will lead you to inspiring stories to create as your blog entries. You can talk about what most Oxonians love and dislike to do if you don’t know how or where to start content creation.

As business owners, you know that you must try new things to offer your loyal patrons to stay in the game. The same thing goes for publishing content. Website traffic increases the more options you provide to your clients. There is no such thing as one size that fits all. Not all people read; some prefer to watch videos or gets attracted to infographics! Others chose to listen to the podcast to kill time, and some might want to download E-books as a reference. Explore and have the right mix of content that will work for your business’ image and reputation in the long run.

Let us know where we can help you in content creation and management. We can provide you with free resources to jumpstart your website ranking!

3. Improve your Link Building strategy

After creating your blogs, videos, or curating your infographics, you may want to check what other things are happening in your industry and create content. Look for high-traffic websites with the same niches as you in the county and guest blogs!

Guest blogging is just one aspect of improving a business link building strategy. Clever marketing is about serving your potential customers by being visible to solid, legit, and reputable websites in the market. Backlinks are a crucial aspect of widening your reach in the digital platform and increasing website traffic for your business.

You can earn backlinks in many ways, not only through guest blogging. If you are creative enough, you can do some of these to make more links for your site.

  • Publish content that your audience is sure to link or share on their respective platforms.
  • Establish good relationships with known Oxford-based brands
  • Share testimonials of local services or products that you love and support!

Another thing you can do is ensure you strategically linked all your content on the website to the correct pages. Visitors tend to explore more content once you catch their attention.

If you need a reliable SEO agency in Oxford that is result-driven and goal-oriented, contact us. We would love to share our Link building services with you.

4. Harness the power of social media

As of May 2021, reports have circulated that in the United Kingdom, Twitter held approximately 23.8 percentage of the social network’s market, while Facebook accounted for roughly 56% of the market, making it the most popular social media website in the country.

Imagine the power of social media in the world now. You must familiarise, embrace and engage with the different social media platforms that work for your type of business. More and more younger and older people are into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Most of the information they consume and share is from these sites, so you may want to penetrate these social media apps further to level up your website’s traffic growth.

As experts in generating website traffic, Oxford SEO would like to remind you not to over-rely on the social networks alone to build your business. Why? You have to bear in mind that your website is a topmost priority in this stage and not your social accounts rank.

Be mindful and take advantage of the attention that you get from all of these social platforms and direct them to your main website because that’s its role – to attract people you want to call clients.

5. Campaign Offline, reach out to the community!

Did you know that Oxford is among the top cities with a free business environment in the United Kingdom? Teleport.Org shared that the county gains a high rating in travel, connectivity, safety, and healthcare in terms of liveability. Isn’t it great news? That out of the many counties in the UK, you planted your business in this top city?

With this said, you have the advantage to meet more business-minded and SEO-expert professionals in the community. If you step up your website traffic campaign outside of the digital environment a lot of things will open up for you.

You can reach out to local businesses and entrepreneurs in the shire by hosting small, manageable events or setting up a free conference! You can build a community that share the same niche as you and you can get their details as well. Something that can help you if you plan to do email marketing. Community events can impact foot and website traffic for you to entice visitors and spark curiosity about your brand.

These points we raised are sweat-free and straightforward approaches to help you with your website traffic campaign. If you want to know more on how Oxford SEO get attention, create compelling social media content, and strengthen link building strategies, contact us.

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