5 types of product videos to boost Ecommerce conversions

Content creation through videos dominates the world right now. You may argue with this. But when we speak of what’s trending, most of these publication materials uses video to capture attention.

Times are changing. Technological advancements are unstoppable and algorithms are updating simultaneously. So does the way you should create eCommerce videos – innovative.

Videos have found their way as an exemplar component of a successful and effective marketing strategy. An excellent tool to build trust, engagement, and convert leads in the community.

Here are five types of eCommerce videos to create today!

1. Up close Product/Service Showcase video

Since everything works for everyone online now. We lose that way of meticulously checking the products that we want to purchase or services we wish to avail. So, to attract more people to try your products or services, create a video that will make them feel like they are physically touching your product. Show, don’t tell. We are sure you have heard this once in your life. It is much applicable to how you create this type of eCommerce video.

To make this campaign a success, all you have to do is capture all angles of your product and highlight the best qualities of the services you are offering. When crafting for this one, you must be meticulous, critical to details, and skilful to convert written scripts into moving visuals. Why? This method is your way of showing off why you are a cut above the rest in the industry. Make it entertaining yet unique.

2. Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) video.

Not all are fond of reading, especially long texts. If you notice, people will browse only on sites with images and videos in them and skip pages flooded with texts. To create more engagement and your target audience to have a better, clear understanding of your business, turn your FAQs into interactive videos.

This type of video content solves half of your potential client’s queries before they choose to avail of your offer. You can designate a specific page where your clients can have full access to these Frequently Asked Questions videos. Keep this short and straightforward to avoid viewers getting turn off or lose interest in you.

Our Oxford SEO team understands that this video creation strategy is challenging because you have to accurately and adequately anticipate the possible questions that may arise regarding your services or products. Identifying those questions will create an impression that you know your brand well and value your clients by giving them fulfilling and direct answers.

3. Reviews or testimonials

The type that you are most familiar with in writing. You have stumbled upon different reviews or client’s testimonials online but have you read at least one? Videos, if well thought out, can entice and capture the viewer’s attention – uninterruptedly.

As Oxford SEO experts, word of mouth is essential in earning new clients and gaining their trust. It hits differently if one is speaking from experience because there is authenticity. It resonates with the viewers if clients themselves share the value of choosing your brand over others in the county.

Oxfordshire is a business-friendly county in the United Kingdom. This only means that competitions are tight, so you need to stand out! One of the positive effects of outreach is gaining legit influencers or public figures with a reputable image to do product reviews or testimonials for you.

If your main product is a camera, you may want to tap Vloggers or video content creators to do video testimonials or reviews for your brand! Investing in a marketing strategy like this can cultivate a sense of trust because you collaborate with an Oxford-based public figure in authority in the field to do the review.

You don’t have to worry if collaborating with influential people in the country is quite impossible now because of the pandemic; you can still produce this type of eCommerce video product – by featuring items that complement your own!

4. Tutorials, Demos, or How-To’s

The main goal of producing these eCommerce videos is to educate and answer questions about the product or services. If you compare this video creation method to that of overviews, tutorials, demos, or how-to videos, show a step-by-step guide on the purpose of the product itself and how it benefits the client that invested in it.

You have to remember that you can’t please everyone. That makes this eCommerce video vital and powerful in capturing a segment of the market that are sceptical to avail or try on your brand because of unconvincing marketing claims. Show don’t tell. Keep that in mind.

5. Message from the Founder or CEO

When you adopt this kind of marketing strategy, you want to raise the brand’s attention to public awareness. It matters that in all videos you create, you never stray away from the mission and vision of your company. And who’s one better person to know why it exists then, the CEOs or founders themselves?

Featuring a leader can be a powerful way to personalize and authenticate the business’s reputation. Hearing straight from the mastermind will give people a better understanding of why your company exists and why it does what it does. It will help you build a solid network and connection with your audience.

In Summary

In the game of online ranking, lead conversion, and website traffic, one can attest to the undeniable magic video creation does in their business. Keep in mind that the secret of a relevant, solid, and rich video production lies in the quality of content creation you have in your team.

Oxford SEO believes that a compelling and well thought out article, blog or any other written publication material can be a great pillar of attention-grabbing videos on digital platforms. If you haven’t explored incorporating videos into your website, you may want to give it a try now.

Let us know if the points we established in this blog resonates with you. Oxford Growth Marketing can help your website get attention one video at a time.

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