Before we get started with the research and outreach, we will make sure we get you set up with a data hub, reporting, and stats board so you can see the results in real time.

Data Hub: We get you set up with a research and send out mastersheet, so we can host all of your data in one central place, such as URLs, keywords, emails, and contact information.

Stats board: We create a stats board, so we can keep track of the volume and quality of websites we research, and how many positive placements we’ve had from outreach.

Reporting: We set up a report template based on our daily stats, so we can deliver all the work in a client facing document that you can forward onto your clients at any time.

2. Research

We do all of our research manually, and update the results of our findings in your mastersheet, so you can see all the data for every URL we have checked.

Keyword Research: Initially we create a list of keywords that we can use for our research, so we have a range of different terms we can mix into our existing google commands.

URL & Image Research: Once we have the targeted keywords, we will use a range of google commands and image searches to find lists of websites that are either accepting guest posts or using poor imagery, and build out a list of websites.

Email Research: We manually check the list of sites we have found, and don’t use any software to find emails, as software can pick up generic emails and we want to find the direct contact person for outreach.

Form Research: Every time we can’t find an email for the target website, we will make a note on the research sheet that we can use a form to submit to request any editorial contributions.

3. Quality Checks

We pride ourselves on quality outreach, so we have created a robust process to make sure we reach quality, relevant, and authoritative websites to place links on. Every website is checked manually for quality.

Duplicate URLs: We go through the list of URLs we have found and manually check to see if we have picked up any duplicate URL’s to make sure that we don’t waste time in our outreach.

Irrelevant websites: We manually check every website to see if the page we found is relevant to the campaign, and remove all irrelevant websites into a backlog, so you still have the data and can report on this if needed. This includes sites that don’t match the topic, different languages, and don’t meet the criteria.

Domain Metrics: We run all the domains through backlink checkers to find out the domain authority, and then remove anything with low DA, so anything that is DA20 or below will go into our backlog.

4. Outreach:

CRM Setup: We will create email templates and sequences, so we have a testing plan in place for every campaign. This is updated regularly, so we can record all the data inside your CRM.

Blacklist: Before we start our research, we want to make sure we don’t include any of your clients or people you don’t want us to contact, so we ask for a list that we can include in blacklist. This list is regularly updated, as we add new websites to this during our research and outreach.

Outreach: We do email send outs and CRM updates daily for outreach, which includes forms and emails. This also involves updating bounces, negatives, positives, and auto replies, so the stats are updated, and manually filling in forms, and personalizing emails to get the best results.

Handling Replies: We update your mastersheet everytime a positive reply comes in and send this to you for approval. Once approved, we negotiate the link placement and report to you once complete. We also handle any other replies that come from the outreach campaign.

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