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Being one of the largest of the three Oxfordshire cities and towns, Oxford has been a cradle of excellence for the past decades. Home to some outstanding and well-known personalities that graced the world stage. From renowned novelists to exceptional elected officials, the city of dreaming spires has more to offer its visitors.

The county has reclaimed its spot on the international stage of not only being the home of one of the top universities in the world. But has been a haven of an incredible range of careers.

  1. Prime Ministers and other Elected officials

Five prime ministers of Australia, 2 of Canada, 2 of India, 4 of Pakistan, and 3 of Thailand. These are just some of the world leaders that Oxford gave birth to and shared with the world of politics. You might be wondering what made Oxford a breeding ground for men and women who wants a career in public service?

Yearly, people from different walks of life travelled to have a glimpse of Oxford. Wanting to witness how colourful the lives of every Oxonian. One thing that stood most to each visit is that a disproportionate number of people know their culture and history. All credits to the solid foundation they have earned by studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

These are essential degrees to those who would want to pursue a seat in public life. Oxford graduates or degree holders have a deep understanding of these disciplines and carry whatever knowledge gained in their journey in the political realm.

Being in the public eye demands more of you than anything in this world. Every move one leader makes, tens of thousands of times magnified. So as proud products of Oxford, you are to justify your stand on certain issues rather than conform to the standards of the society where you led – a fitting training for a world-class leader.

  1. Actors

You may argue with us on the first point we raised, but I doubt you will bat an eye on this one. Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant, and Rosamund Pike are these names rang blockbuster movies to you?

These people played the all-time unforgettable characters in the mainstream and television. And yes, they happened to walk in the attractive streets of Oxford. With so many movies that featured famous places in the county, you may assume that Oxford is just a convenient place to shoot and produce a film.

Acting is a gamble -regardless of the course you took in the academe, no one can predict you’ll be great in this field. There might be many actors coming from different universities in the world. But never forget that even without offering a degree in drama, Oxford produces the most sought-after talents in the entertainment industry up until this day.

  1. Scientist

You may be familiar with famous individuals that made a significant contribution to science and health. Oxford is one of those that produce this world’s leading scientists and brilliant minds in the field.

Some of the breakthroughs in the scientific arena can be traced back to the outstanding alumni of Oxford University. From promoting scientific methods to improving the study of optics, these scientists pushed the envelope to deliver the best for the next generation to reap the benefits of their hardships. Not only that, Oxford is the home of biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin. The third woman to receive a first-class honours degree and won a Nobel Prize. It only proves that women have always been one of the pillars in science and health in Oxford. Leaving an equal opportunity for all genders to contribute and excel.

  1. Poets and novelists

Our list will be incomplete without including this profession.  To all of you whose childhood became an adventure because of indisputable Lewis Carroll, we feel you! Oxford has a solid reputation for producing exceptional and prolific writers, poets, and novelists.

It didn’t stop these storytellers from giving us a peek of the world they have created in their brilliant, awe-inspiring minds. Even though there is no financial stability in this type of profession. Oxford’s exuberant alumni of literary giants had gifted us an immortal era in generations to come as it covers romance, fantasy, and thrillers.

  1. Solicitors, Barristers, and Lawyers

Attention to detail, precision, hard work and commitment are the qualities that define Oxford’s top lawyers, solicitors, and barristers. The legal industry requires more than just smarts and wits. What weighs more is the willingness to safeguard human rights and defend the truth regardless of what is at stake.

Oxfordshire continues to uphold the rights of every citizen by producing top-notch Lord Chancellors, Lord Chief Justices, Law Lords, and other judges. Being in this career will demand more from you. Because it will continuously challenge you in so many ways – an unspoken truth that notable people like William Gladstone, Tony Benn, and Benazir Bhutto have understood deeply.

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to be part of the Oxford Union? Where calibre debaters dominate the law scene in Great Britain? Or have a tea with them while exchanging ideas and opinions on social issues? What a fascinating thing to imagine that kind of afternoon where extraordinary minds in the legal sector surround you.

These accounts we created may or may not encapsulate all the leading careers found in Oxfordshire. However, we believe that because of these professions, Oxford became a spot of not only known establishments and famous landscapes. But a home of excellence and creative geniuses.

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