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How it works

We build “Do-Follow” contextual, high DA, relevant backlinks on existing pages, which is the best type of links that you can build, and will give you the best results.

We have criteria checks that look at domain authority, relevancy, copied content, index size, traffic, and other metrics that ensure the link we place is highly authoritative.

This depends on the industry, and budget, but usually we get at least a 5% response rate from positive replies, which we then convert into links.

Every link we build is a new relationship for you that you can use on a regular basis, and these links can be used across multiple clients or websites.

The reason we don’t sell links is because this is not organic or whitehat and when you purchase a link you only get to use this once and don’t retain the contact.

Some websites require admin costs to help them towards the cost of development or for arranging the content and images to be placed on the page, as there is some back and forth and edits that need to be made on the site.

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