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Links are important. In doubt? Ask Google.

The world of SEO continues to change and evolve based on the updates pushed by Google’s algorithms. If you come to think of it before, it is not challenging to rank online, so it never crossed the minds of those online marketers to incorporate valuable and relevant links to their website’s content. And guess what, now many businesses worldwide would die to have even just one backlink to land on page one. Why? A successful digital marketing campaign calls for a strong link building strategy.

As Oxford-based online marketers, you may have fully understood and embraced the need for local SEO in the past years. This information leads you to integrate into your marketing strategy the power of Search Engine Optimization to achieve your page’s full visibility potential.

You may be wondering what makes a link building campaign a successful one in the field of fierce ranking competition? Here are the golden rules of link building you should know by now.

1. Be Organic. Keep it Natural

Google’s algorithm picks up on the unnatural activity. When creating content, it matters that it flows naturally and comes from a perspective of educating, informing, or serving your target market. Never underestimate what Search Engines can do to track if you buy fake links to get things done and rank higher.

Building links is like nourishing your relationship with your customers. What type of relationship and reputation would you have wanted to build with them? Of course, you would have it authentic and genuine because you are not dealing with robots. You engage with real people. Same with backlinks, you have to look for credible websites that contain honest and straightforward content to connect with.

There are local websites that you can browse online with the same industry or niches as you. Research and filter these locally based websites that rank online to earn natural links. This strategy helps you establish your website’s reputation as you open doors for your readers to explore more. Through this, you expand your reach and add value to your brand as well.

2. Relevant, Outstanding Content attracts attention.

We said this before. And will never get tired to remind you again. Content is King. Enough said. If you want to be relevant, stay informed. Know the hottest and the latest trends in Oxford not just today, but every day! Highlight what makes the City of Dreaming Spires a top-notch destination for all who want to hone their craft in different disciplines found only in the county.

Be the first to write all about the exciting and newsworthy topics out there. Through this, it will not be impossible for you to get backlinks because people get curious and want to consume only the best. And if you get their attention, they will share your blog post and will bookmark your site for relevant content you publish.

Tip: Organize a small event, virtually or in an open space, in your community in partnership with Oxford business councils and other organizations that operate under your industry. This occasion will raise awareness to your fellow online marketers and may spark fascinating conversations within the community.

3. Explore Press release

About what we raised in our previous point, you may want to explore press releases as search engines count links from these publications and can give you high-authority backlinks.

Don’t limit yourself to publishing content on your website about other topics surrounding the county. Share your company’s achievements and highlights to your target market because this will raise more brand attention. It is beneficial that you keep everyone posted on the few improvements or changes in your business to your loyal patrons because they will feel they are part of the venture.

This campaign will work well if you engage with Oxford-based influencers or bloggers as channels of your press releases. Build relationships with the press like Oxford Mail, Oxford Times, or Oxfordshire guardian. You might want to target student publications such as Cherwell or the Oxford Student. And it will give your publication more authority and credibility.

Pro tip: You may want to incorporate a section in your website solely for news and current affairs. This move will grant more traffic and visitors to your website.

4. Guest Blogging never gets out of style

This strategy is an opportunity for you to gain backlinks. Every business people nowadays resort to setting up their online stores and websites. You have to take advantage of guest blogging.

You have to use your excellent writing skills as this method is crucial because of its demanding process. When you talk about things that are taking place in Oxfordshire, you may enumerate dozens of remarkable landmarks, events, and life in general. But how you will capture your audience through writing is the real game-changer.

If you want to succeed in getting backlinks from guest posting, craft impressive and organic blogs that the locals will love to read over and over again. How to do this? Research and get the public’s pulse on all pressing issues and write something about it. If that topic resonates with your industry, then it will entice other blogs related to your domain or similar to yours to collaborate with you.

You don’t have to worry about outreach; there are Oxford-based agencies like ours, the Oxford Growth Marketing, that can help you with this type of campaign for your business.

5. Keep track of your competitor

There is nothing wrong with keeping tabs on what your competitors in the market are doing. Take it as a part of an effective marketing strategy. Cover all your bases, and know what they do best and learn from it. 

Our team developed a web scraper called Dream Digital Data Scraper for you to have a good eye on what makes your rivals rank on page one. Know the keywords they use, how they organize their content and what type of channels they use to publish it. This method will also help you curate the content you will have in the next few days because obviously, those topics are relevant to your niches or industries. 

You may feel that monitoring your competitor’s move is an arduous task, but you don’t have to do this alone. You got us to do this work for you. Time will not be on your side if you lack the drive to do all the possible ways for your business to thrive and flourish.

A thought to ponder on

Link building is the lifeblood of your digital marketing journey. If you take this link building seriously, you will have better visibility opportunities online which is essential to obtain your ranking goals with search engines. Focus on creating content that speaks well to the local audience and that is relatable to those who live in the county. Make organic link building a priority for the SEO strategy campaign.

Check out what our clients have to say with the way we do our link building strategies. If this article helps you weigh your options and answer some of your questions, we will be happy to go further and assist you in your link building campaigns.  Link to success is here at Oxford Growth Marketing.

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