Oxford Growth Marketing Services

package 1

Link Building

Unlinked Brand Mentions
Competitor Link Building
Infographic Link Building
Task Types:
Keyword Research
Email Templates
Anchor Text Planning
Email Prospecting
Targeted Outreach

package 2

B2B Lead Generation

Facebook Ads
Promo Videos
Task Types:
Dynamic Ad Creation
Ideal Client Research
LinkedIn Prospecting
Audience Testing
Video Ad Creation

package 3

Local SEO

Citation Audit
Competitor Audit
GMB Audit
Task Types:
Citation Clean Up
Directory Listings
Link Building
Local submissions
Map Listing Review
Competitor Links

digital network

Health Checks

SEO Audit
This is a technical audit to ensure the website is fully optimized and doesn’t have any duplication, page errors, and missing metadata across the site. We create a nontechnical report to explain the audit and a developer-facing report for implementation.
Content Strategy
Looking into trends, rankings, and the current quality of content to identify any thin, duplicate, and low-quality content across the site. We will do a gap analysis of the website to create a new content pipeline, with header suggestions.
Search Profile
A deeper dive into the mid-funnel pages to see which traffic type is the highest converting, and what keywords are actually driving conversions. This will support an ongoing content strategy, as you will be able to see popular topics based on real data.

Our three steps to success

We get you

Build Assets for business

Instead of having SEO on a lease, we build assets for your business with our data-sharing approach to link building and audits. All of our audits explain why you need to make a change.

Educate your team

Our services educate your team and support ongoing marketing work with supported content and transparent reporting that can be used as a roadmap for marketing managers.

Build Capacity

We help build capacity in teams by giving you additional support with our services, so team members can become more skilled, and learn how to implement changes that are proven methods for growth.

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